We Love Birmingham!

What to Do

Birmingham has a number of great attractions and fun things to do. There are world class galleries, a number of interesting museums, and even a chocolate factory.


Cadbury World Chocolate Factory


This is great fun for the entire family. A tour of the factory will show how confectionery is made and a person can learn the story behind the Cadbury chocolate. There is even chocolate rain. Guests can sample a pot of warm liquid Chocolate as well as 14 different areas of chocolate to explore.


There is a 4D cinema with seats that move. In addition to sampling the chocolate a person can ride on the Crunchiest Roller coaster and take a ride on the Cadbury Cream Egg airship. The pilot is none other than the Caramel Bunny. To find out more about this adventure click here to read the blog.


The National Sea Life Centre will allow a family to see the world under the sea. There is a glass tunnel to walk through that is surrounded by a one million liter tank. This tank is home to giant green sea turtles, the black tip reef shark, and a number of different types of tropical fish.


Warwick Castle is a great place to visit. This castle has a number of stories behind it and will get the imagination going.


The court of Back to Back Housing will show simpler time. This is run by the National Trust and has restored homes and courtyards from the 19th century. These properties date all the way back to the 1840. Some of the more recent ones are from 1977.


The Birmingham Science Museum has a number of interactive activates. There is a full size locomotive as well as hands on exploration of taste buds.


There is a globemaking planetarium which uses the latest in technology. There is even a 360 degree domed ceiling for shows and experiments.


The Thinktank Science Garden allows a family hands on exploration with different things in engineering and mechanics. There are over 42 different exhibits to play with.


A family can visit the BBC Birmingham Public Space and read the news or the weather while pretending they are on air. There is a monitor that will allow visitors to see the BBC WM and the Asian Network studios. A person will also get to see the BBC Midlands Today team while airing live.


BBC Birmingham Tours will allow a person to take a look at how television and radio shows are made. They will get to see everything from rehearsal to script writing, to live airing. For more information click here to read the blog.


There are tours of a 1930s English village and a look at Germany during the war. There is also a look at towns from the 1960s.


When the family is looking for some entertainment the Broadway Plaza is a great place to go. This place is great for birthdays, a night out, and other celebrations. In addition to tasty food there is a 12 screen Odeon 3D multiplex, a 20 land bowling alley, a sega arcade and even the Broadway Casino.
A family can get in touch with the lifestyle of people in Africa at the Akamba Heritage Centre located in Solihull. There are huge plant exhibits with exotic plants and a number of animal sculptures. A person can even sees birds from Africa up close and personal. The jungle beer garden is a big hit as well as a restaurants to get some authentic African and Caribbean food.