We Love Birmingham!

Top Things to Love About Birmingham

Whilst Bristol and Brighton have their attractions the main place in Britain beginning with B has got to be Birmingham. Here is why Brum is the Big B:


  1. Butt of the jokes


Birmingham has been the butt of countless jokes over the years, people linking the Brummie accent to the townsfolk been slow and thick. Most Brummies have a good sense of humour and laugh it off.


The city has it’s own comedy festival to go alongside producing some of Britain’s funniest comics like Jasper Carrot, Tony Hancock, Sid Field and Frank Skinner. After their shows Messers Carrot and Skinner may even mention the football especially if the Blues or the Baggies are doing well.


  1. That much water in land?


Considering that Birmingham is completely landlocked it has an awful lot of water. Most people have already heard that we have more canals than Venice (with less sun and probably more supermarket trolleys in it). There are lakes, reservoirs and rivers too, so there are plenty of water based activities that can be enjoyed in and around the city. There is even a beach under the Aston Expressway.


  1. Baltis and chocs


Without Birmingham there would be no balti, now regarded as being as British as fish and chips. Brum is now gaining an international reputation for its culinary excellence, as recognised by New York magazine and more recently Olive magazine. The only city in England with more Michelin rated restaurants is London so there are plenty of great places to eat in Brumtown.


Those with a sweet tooth could always head for Cadburys World at Bourneville. We Brummies think it is the best chocolate money can buy.


  1. Bloc Hotel


Visitors to the second city can stay in luxury at the 73 room Bloc Hotel. The only other one in the country is by Gatwick airport. It is in the Jewelry Quarter and a good as place as any to use as a base while discovering the delights of Birmingham.


  1. Black Sabbath and friends


Birmingham gave the world Black Sabbath, not many places can produce singers like Ozzy Osbourne.


Sabbath were one of the most notable rock bands ever, and Brum also gave the world Judas Priest, The Move, ELO and the Spencer Davis Group. John Bonham and Robert Plant also had links to the city. Then Brum also played a major role in bringing reggae and bhangra to the rest of the country. That includes the likes of UB40, Pato Banton, and Apache Indian. Then were other acts like Duran Duran and Ocean Colour Scene that could play a tune or two.


  1. City of bull


Birmingham has it’s share of bull. There is the bullring markets plus the new bullring shopping centre, among the largest malls in Europe. There is another kind of bull to be found in the city, and comes from the City Hall.


  1. Big up Birmingham

Birmingham is not only home to the largest council in Europe or it is also home to some great people. It does not matter how different people are, they will almost certainly be accepted for who they are. Let’s hear it for Team Brum.