Yes there are numerous cigarette flavors out there and I don’t mean menthol (although technically it is one…). I realize that there are some smokers out there that are going to say flavored cigarette brands are the stupidest thing ever. Coffee is more my vice and I can tell you there’s a lot of flavored creamers that weren’t in existence ten years ago. So if I like chocolate and mint with my coffee–why shouldn’t you have your cigarettes that way if you wanted? After all, you are the one smoking them. is an excellent place to buy various flavored cigarette brands. They have This Plus featured; a classic vanilla flavored cigarette from Korea. Cheyenne is another brand of vanilla flavored cigarettes that is easier to find. If it is chocolate you seek, Black Devil has one; still at Black Devil also has a “special” flavor; that tastes like caramel and vanilla. They offer other flavors such as Black Cherry.

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